Please note,  This program is only for purchasing a primary home in Maryland, DC, and Virgina. We do not service areas outside of this nor can the program be used for unsecured debt, starting a practice, or buying a boat :)

For Licensed Residents:

Doctor financing for residence

For Doctors:

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Transcript of Physician Loan Intro Video

Now Helping Doctors and Residents get the ultimate loan designed just for you! And by the best doctor loan I am talking about getting you a loan up to the low 400’s with no money down or up to 1.5 million with as little as 10% down. These loan products simply are awesome.

I know how hard you have worked to become a doctor. The problem is to get to this point you have had to sacrifice sleepless nights and probably have racked up lots of student debt. I am sure at some point you have thought to your self, I am now a doctor I work hard and work long hours; I deserve a nice home to call my own when I get off work… but then it hits you, with all the student debt how can I get a loan? Or maybe you are a bit further along in your career and you think how do I have time to deal with this and there has to be some special loan for me? Well, you are not alone. The good news is we have a solution for you! In a few moments Ill tell you about the best doctor loan program and why this could be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Before I get into all the details of how the program works, let me first say there are some limitations of the program, such as you have to be a licensed resident becoming a doctor or a doctor with less then 10 years out of residency. If you are not sure or are not in this group go ahead and send us a quick message and we can find out for you and or set you up with one of our other great lenders that can help you.

The problem you face with getting a normal loan is this: Both residents and doctors have some unique criteria, and normal lenders and uneducated real estate agents can make for a very frustrating experience. Normal lenders would look at all of the student debt, and may not be able to qualify you for what you want because of your debt to income ratio. Also, other lenders and agents may not understand the lack of time on the doctors part because of busy hours, methods of communication (texting, emailing at odd hours, etc) to student debt, to understanding the upward income trends that doctors have. This is true both on the loan side as well as the agent side. The real estate agent needs to understand the needs and time restraints that doctors have in their busy life. So thats the problem… what is the solution?

Glad you asked. The is the start of the solution. My name is Brendan Spear and I am the Broker of Caprika Realty. My wife Chelsea and I own and operate our own real estate company. We have sought out and found lenders that have these special loan programs. Whether it is in Maryland, Virgina, or DC we want to be your personal doctor real estate specialist. Now if you are outside of this area, our loan program may still work for you and we can find a partner agent to guide you through the process.

I am sure you want to know, how is this program any different then a normal loan. Ill tell you. First of all, the lending and real estate world have gone through some huge changes over the last few years. Many loan programs have gotten harder and harder to go through and have tightened their requirements. Now the really cool thing. Some banks have recognized the potential for fantastic clients that doctors make. In other words they see you as low risk, large income earners and want to loan you money! So much so that they have developed programs to help you buy your primary home. Let me give you a few examples. You can be a resident working endless nights with a ton of student debt and still qualify for a home in the low $400,000 thousand dollars and not have to put any money down. Yes I said NO MONEY DOWN. The key with these programs is having good credit. They want worthy and serious applicants. Now lets say you are finished with your residency and you are ready to buy, I could get you into a $650,000 dollar home with ZERO percent down. That is just phenomenal. I love these programs. Now if you are a bit further along in your career and you want a nice estate home. We have access to programs that can get you into a one million dollar home with 5% down or a 1.5 million dollar home with only 10% down.

Now if this is as exciting to you as it is to me, go ahead and click on the apply now button and fill out our short questionnaire and contact form. We will take you through our no hassle, no obligation process to learn if you are eligible.

You may be wondering who we are… We are very serious about our clients and our service. As I mentioned this is our company. We are sincere about providing the best personal service we can to our clients. Our company has succeeded in this real estate market by going the extra step to help our clients. You do not have to take my word for it, see what our happy clients say. Click on testimonials on the top menu which will take you to my Caprika Realty Review page. Here you can watch a ton of video reviews, see google reviews and more. I understand having a knowledgeable agent can make a huge difference when it comes to getting you into the right home. You should know I am proud top 5 in real estate member, a small prestigious group that consists of top agents in the country. If you are curious to know my background, I have a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, a masters in Information systems architecture and I only bring in the best to work on our team.

My goal is to make you so happy that you refer us your friends and family, not because you have to but because you are so happy with my service. This is how we run our company. My guarantee to you is that we will take care of you. If you are not happy with our service at anytime we have a one day termination policy for both our buyers and sellers.

As you can see with customized doctor loan programs, vetted awesome lenders, a top notch real estate team and zero obligation it is my obligation to perform, which means you have no reason not to apply. Its free and easy. Lets get started now. Just click on apply.

Before I go, I will simply say all these programs are real and in use at the time of shooting this. The lending community keeps changing. So don’t wait to see if one of these programs can work for you, I can not guarantee that these products will be around next year.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about the best doctor loan. I look forward to speaking with you and learning more about your real estate goals. Lastly, I want to close with saying thank you for doing what you do. Chelsea and I appreciate all of you and are happy to have such a strong medical support in our area.

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